022 Tea for two

22 01 2012

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A leisurely morning at an easy pace. An ride along the top of the hill before the humidity claims the day.  The rose farm serves breakfast now as well as morning tea. You read the latest news and listen to the birds chirping, bobbing, dancing for crumbs, while I wander with camera in hand, stopping and losing time amongst the pots. The delicate blooms are tougher than me, surviving the onslaught of a relentless summer without the need for hats or sunscreen. It is a lovely way to start the day, leaving all the ‘shoulds’ at home. We rejoin for tea and share our thoughts. What did you read? What did you see? I need to make more time for this.


011 Patisserie

11 01 2012

A tasty pastry treat for breakfast - at the local patisserie

Layers and layers patiently rolled
in the dead of night.
Deflated then left to rise again.
Shaped by proud hands and baked crisp.
Ready to tear apart by dawn.

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