If you’re not a map nerd, move along.

8 05 2012

I’ve decided to let you in on a secret…. I am a fully fledged map nerd. The nature/nurture debate has been thrashed out and I am happy to say this is based purely on genetics and I can’t help it. I blame my fairy godmother (love you!).

Okay, so being addicted to maps is hardly earth shattering but it is terribly, terribly (and beautifully) time consuming. If you aren’t sure whether you are a fellow map nerd, here is a short quiz I’ve put together from years of experience…

1) you’d rather read the Atlas than The Womens’ Weekly.
2) you think maps are works of art and science and you’d probably frame one and hang it on the wall
3) when you give directions to a friend, your map-on-a-napkin contains the North point and you pay attention to scale
4) you think that looking at maps is time ‘invested’ rather than time ‘wasted’
5) you know about contour lines and ordnance surveys
6) you think car SatNavs are for idiots
7) you even appreciate maps that are fictitious and contain places like “The Shire” and “Mordor
8) you pore over maps of places you’ve never been to and marvel at the terrain and place names

How did you go? 🙂

My latest find…
Okay, so here is the latest groovy map nerd find. It’s a “live” traffic map of all the shipping in the world. Do you wonder where that Ocean Liner is cruising? How about where that fishing boat has been? Or where that tanker is going? Well, wonder no more.

MarineTraffic.com has a fantastic ‘live’ map of the world. You can select a region and see what marine traffic is active, anchored, underway etc.

Shipping Regions of the World (from MarineTraffic.com)

I’m in Western Australia which has a number of active ports with regular fishing, cargo, tanker and passenger traffic. I can see what is coming and going, which route it has taken etc.

Shipping off Western Australia (from MarineTraffic.com)

If you’re interested in a particular vessel, you can get more information about the name, destination, home port, photo etc.

Pick a vessel for more details

Have fun!!


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