Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

28 01 2013

No one has loved me as purely and unconditionally as my dogs. They were always so completely happy to see me, no matter how long I’d been away, or what mood I’d been in when I left.  We farewelled Jasper in March 2012 and sadly today, we had to say our goodbyes to our beloved Gilly.

Rest in Peace my beloved friends.

Rest in Peace my beloved friends.

Eternally missed – eternally loved.
Beauty and Elegance, Love and Devotion


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

9 06 2012

Our gang on a spring scooter ride. Taken overlooking Perth city, Western Australia.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Friendship and it got me thinking about my closest friends – “The 2am crew”.  They’re the people you know you can ring at 2am and they’d be right there for you if you needed them.

It’s hard sometimes to tell your friends just what they mean to you. It’s often just difficult to articulate it or express it in a way that doesn’t sound or feel uncomfortable.

A couple of years ago I started to tell my closest friends that I would be their 2am Crew and they could ring me at any time, get me out of bed and I’d be there for them without question. It was a great way to affirm my friendship and let them know how much they meant to me in a practical way.

They’re precious and my life would be so much poorer without them.  x x

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

19 05 2012

Hands and hearts entwined

I’ve chosen this ring to symbolize my love for you.  It is a pearl – which starts off as a tiny grain and grows into something beautiful.  It is rare, unique and precious, like you are to me. 

Our special day – 18 December 2010

Love is all that matters

1 05 2012

French Knot Garden: Melville Rose Farm, Bickley.

Love is all that matters.
Love defies time and space and can’t be confined or contained.
Look around.  Love is everywhere.
It is the power behind life, it is life itself.
It lasts forever.
You cannot begin to fathom how much you are loved by another.
And you will be astounded at how deep your love runs for someone.
Between school and life and work
and bills and debt and success
and illness and achievements:
Love is all that matters.

Perth City Graffiti –
“You’re the greatest thing in town, I wanna give all my loving to you, LOVE IS REAL, I feel it for you”

I’d rather be with you

18 04 2012

Swan River, East Perth: Western Australia.

I’d rather be lunching with you my love
than being stuck at my desk today.
Let’s go down to the river and lay on the grass
do you think you could get away?

Or how ’bout a quiet seat in the shade
with some cake on a little tea tray?
With fine china cups and flowery plates
we’d be like the Queen for a day.

Remember the time we hired a boat
and headed out over the bay?
Maybe we’ll go again one day my love,
if only I could get away.

Instead I’m sat here in my cubicle world
I won’t see you ’til later today
Maybe we’ll plot our escape from this trap
I don’t like to live life this way.

x x x

Your life is a sacred journey

21 03 2012

Stirk Park: Kalamunda, Western Australia.

Your life is a sacred journey.  And it is about change, growth, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous risks, and embracing challenges at every step along the way…

You are on the path, exactly where you are meant to be right now…

And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, beauty, wisdom, power, dignity and love…

I hope you like the quote above as much as I do.  It is from:
Caroline Joy Adams – Author, Public Speaker and Writing Coach

A thread in the tapestry of Life

5 03 2012

Tapestry from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London - touring Perth 2012

As I’ve been reflecting on life lately, I came across this quote from Steve Brunkhorst, which puts words to my picture. Hope you like it too.

As we weave the tapestries of our lives, we gradually begin to see our designs from a wider angle of years. We may or may not be pleased with what we see. Yet, no design–not in the living world–is carved in stone. We have the gift of free will to change our designs as we wish. We are each a thread in the tapestry of our human family. Our outcome is woven of endless possibilities, because we can choose from a universe of endless possibilities. Every person can make a difference. Each thread is a possibility, chosen by the design of divine imagination. Our life-time designs arise from our divine gifts, unique talents, desires, thoughts, choices, and actions. At times, old choices–old threads–wear out. We see the past while we live in the present, and we can replace the old…with new ideas, new choices, and new actions. We can view the future through today’s eyes, and time blends all experiences, dark and light, into an awareness of authentic joy. May you live joyfully and abundantly today and throughout every season of life!!

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