Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

21 07 2012

This week we’re challenged to look Inside.  Whilst in Melbourne, we visited the La Trobe Reading Room inside the State Library of Victoria.  It is a magnificent room and a spectactular heritage space.  The octagonal walls are lined with books and three levels of balconies rise up towards the restored dome ceiling.

La Trobe Reading Room: State Library of Victoria.

I love libraries and this one was fantastic.  As you enter through double doors there is a busy silence. People are studying and reading – you can almost feel them thinking.  The desks are custom built from Queensland oak and radiate out from the centre of the room.  The top is lined with leather and rests on your chosen angle.  I settled into a chair and looked around, wishing I was more than a passing tourist.  We took time to explore inside and visited the various galleries on each floor as well as Mr Tulk’s cafe.  It was a delightful and serendipitous day, a real treat to find and one I’d love to visit again.

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