Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

12 01 2013
Western Australia vs Queensland - Cricket under lights at the WACA.

Western Australia vs Queensland – Cricket under lights at the WACA.

The game of cricket has played a major role in my life and I stumbled across it by chance as a child and became enchanted. Since then it’s kept me entertained, kept me company, helped me to meet wonderful people, share stories with others,  given me goosebumps, allowed me to sit under the shade of a tree and relax, helped me to slow down and enjoy the fresh spring and summer air, in places all over the country.  This picture is a day/night game between Queensland and Western Australia, being played under the illumination of the lights at the WACA ground in Perth, Western Australia.  As a teenager, I remember seeing the massive metal framework on the back of a dozen trucks on the day the lights were taken to the ground.  There are six towers, each 70 metres high and cost around $600 per hour to run.  They ensure a balmy evening can be spent enjoying another game.  I love the changing sky in this shot and can remember the breeze wafting through as the sun went down.  Can’t remember who won the game though…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

26 05 2012

I always look forward to summer in Australia not for the sunshine, the weekend barbecues or trips to the beach.  Summer to me means the arrival of Cricket Season and I enjoy nothing more than a relaxing day out watching a leisurely game.  I love it.

A day/night game at the WACA Ground: Western Australian Cricket Association

The picture above was taken during a one day game at the WACA which is the International Cricket venue in Perth, Western Australia.  I’ve walked on the hallowed turf in bare feet.  It is softer and more luxurious than the finest carpet.  It was a balmy summer evening and we had good company, a great view and cold drinks.  The one below is a suburban game of cricket by a country team visiting Perth for their annual Country Week Tournament.  Deep shade, a comfy chair, good company and a good book.  The perfect way to spend a day off.

Senior Country Week Cricket: January 2012

I think that’s one of the main attractions for me – the pace of the game is slow and can verge on boring.  Some people  liken it to watching paint dry.  I don’t mind that at all.  Watching cricket lets me give myself permission to sit in a chair for a few hours in the sun and fresh air and not think.  After a busy year summer comes in December and cricket slows me down so I relax, take a drink, enjoy the sunshine, wait for play, watch a bit of the game, read the paper, have a walk around the boundary, take another drink, watch a bit of the game, lay on a blanket for a while, cheer for a wicket, read the paper some more, have a doze, watch the seagulls, eat a snack and relax.  Ahhhhhh.

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