Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

28 04 2012

Quilt: pieces sewn together in the traditional Ngati Porou design.

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is TOGETHER and these shots represent togetherness to me. Each small piece of fabric has been assembled together to make the final quilt. I made this as a gift for a Maori baby who is from the Ngati Porou Tribe, from the North Island of New Zealand.

The tribe takes its name from their ancestor Porourangi, whose descendants produced great warriors. Their conquests in battle forged a mighty tribe, along with the strong and strategic marriage alliances. I designed this piece based on the traditional design of the ‘whakapapa’ or genealogy. It depicts the family tree of descendants all tracing back to the head. It was an absolute delight to create and give away. I can’t wait to make another.


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