Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

9 02 2013

I’ve never really felt ‘at home’.  I’ve lived in lots of houses and spent most of my life living in one city but rarely felt ‘at home’ in a place. I wonder what it is like to feel at home somewhere?  Is it tied to a place?  A person? A feeling?  I’m not sure.

This challenge comes at a very interesting time for me.  I’ve just moved house, city and state, changed jobs and moved from the south west of Australia to the Central North coast, in the tropics.  It’s vastly different.  I’m homesick, but it’s not for a place.  I just have sense of yearning, longing for some connection, to feel whole, to feel full, to belong, to feel content but not bored.  As I don’t have a ‘place’ that feels like home, I went through my photos to find some images that made me feel whole.  These images remind me of a time that I felt the most alive, the most settled, clear, and connected with my core. Maybe that’s what it’s like to feel at home?   In the process I’ve realised that I feel most at home when I’m out in nature.  Whether it is hot or cold, I feel most ‘at home’ when I’m away from the bustle of a city and connected to the earth.  I love to feel its rhythm and voice, the raw elements of earth, air and water.  Rocks, trees, flowers and creatures complete the picture.  I am at home in the quiet, natural rhythm of the earth.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

16 07 2012

Minyirr (Gantheaume Point), Broome. Western Australia

The Dreaming is a term used by Australian Aboriginal people to describe the relationship and balance between the spiritual, natural and moral elements of the world.  It is an english word but it doesn’t mean a dream-like state.  The Dreaming relates to a time when the creator ancestors formed the features of the land and all living things.  The Dreaming provides answers to the origins of the universe and the place of all living things within it.  There is a strong connection to the land, or to ‘country’ and the seasons of nature.

Minyirr (Gantheaume Point), Broome. Western Australia

Broome is the name given to the town in the ancient area of Minyirr.  The Goolarabooloo people belong to the area and are closely connected to country through the Lurujarri Dreaming Trail which runs north along the coast.  These photos are from a trip we took a couple of years ago.  At sunrise we ventured out (before the heat set in) and went to Minyirr (Gantheaume Point).  You can see the rich red cliffs (Yaniyarri) contrasting against the edge of the ocean where the songcycles originated.  It was a beautiful and peaceful experience.  I have never witnessed such rich, earthy tones as this.  The array of colours was amazing and became deeper in colour as the sun rose and brought her warmth, almost waking up the colours.  It is so strange to see the vibrant ochre make way for the white sand of the ocean and be met by the turquoise water.  The Dreaming – a fascinating place.

Minyirr (Gantheaume Point), Broome. Western Australia

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