Award – Versatile Blogger

15 03 2012

Thanks Madhu over at “The Urge to Wander” for passing on the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks so much!!

I’ve really enjoyed the regular practice of blogging and have ‘met’ some wonderful people from across the globe. Now I have the pleasure of passing on this award to others!

If you don’t know about the WordPress Versatile Blogger Award, the rules are here:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award and include a Link to their blog.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

And I give this Award to…
Now to share the blog love around a bit.  Here’s a list (in no particular order) of 15 blogs I really enjoy visiting.
Thanks for the inspiration, the company and sharing your creativity and life openly.  For some of these folks, it means they are definitely versatile, having been recognised as a Versatile blogger before – but who said you can’t get a double? 🙂

Cee’s Life Photography Blog – Cee presents exquisite photographs and shares her life openly in her blog. She is inspirational and a lot of fun. Check out her blog and join in with her Share Your World posts. Cee received this Award in October last year and five months on she’s still a fantastically Versatile Blogger – double award to you Cee!

Chris Donner – Mystery Writer
Chris blogs on life and the craft of writing.  Check out the intro Chapters to “The Bankers Murder List” featuring her sleuth, Alice Anne McDonnell. It’s a great read and will have you hooked (and keep you guessing).

Itinerant and Indigent
Phil is a volunteer working in Afghanistan assisting in development projects. He and his family have been there over seven years and work to help re-establish communities. It’s real life stuff without the media hype and makes compelling and challenging reading.

Through One Eye – by Jan Timmons blogs on life and the beauty of Alaska.  Fantastic photos!

Napkinwriter – Susan Hajec writes on writing, life, angels and all things inspirational.

Creativity Aroused – a site that keeps my creativity flowing. Thanks Fergiemoto!

Mindfulbalance – I stop by this blog everyday for a piece of wisdom to ponder. Karl Duffy collects and posts random quotes, passages and pictures that always get me thinking. Thanks Karl.

The Surly Librarian – I LOVE libraries and this is one of Mike Shell’s blogs. He’s an intelligent, creative, articulate, grammar stickler and Librarian; and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. 🙂 Love it – thanks Mike.

Heartmind – Peter blogs from the wisdom of his life -gently, gently. A great and versatile blog about life, end of life caring and meditation – don’t overlook this one, go visit – I can’t begin to describe it adequately.

Musings on Nature (and other interests) – I’ve recently discovered Glenn’s photography and bird site. I love birds and he captures them beautifully.

Heartfelt Images – Christine’s photo blog sharing great pics of the natural world. Her series on India is fantastic – colourful and candid.

Dadirridreaming – Christine is a yoga teacher living in Australia and reflects on life, nature and ancient wisdom in this blog. Another favourite of mine.

A Picture in Time – Inger-Marie lives in Norway and this blog features some great photos from her world. She is also an artist/designer and silversmith and you can see her beautiful jewellery creations HERE.

Lucid Gypsy – Gilly Gee is very versatile and her blog never fails to inspire with words or photos. Thanks Gilly!

Weavers Journal – a very versatile blog featuring words, pictures, textiles and creativity. A great combination.


And finally, seven things about myself…
1. I have epilepsy which wasn’t diagnosed or treated until I was 19. Prior to that I was called a faker and tended to ‘swoon’ at odd moments, usually when I was anxious or afraid. I now realise the impact of stress.

2. One of my English teachers once told me I was “beyond hope” which I took badly as a 14 year old. Two years ago I was interviewing people for a job that reports to me and remembered her, even though she’d married and changed her name since then. She didn’t get the job and I had the grace not to remind her of our history.

3. I couldn’t swim until I was eleven years old. In Australia, the land of sun and sea, that was quite an impediment.

4. I was a pretty scared kid at school so I hung out in the library during lunchtime. I spent the time listening to cassettes of Bill Cosby and taking apart/reassembling the model of the human eye.

5. When I walk through the city and see homeless people begging for money, I buy them lunch instead. I’ve been there. It’s hard.

6. I always wanted to join the Army but was medically disqualified. It’s a bummer as I can spit polish boots really well.

7. The best job I ever had was as a cleaner in an Aged Care Hostel. I took three shifts a week while I was a college student so I could make ends meet. The work was hard, humbling and sometimes horrible but the staff and residents were the most beautifully ‘real’ people I’ve ever come across. Cleaning toilets taught me more about life and myself than the degree I was studying at the time.

So there you go! A little more about my life to date. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my journey.


One Lovely Blog Award

20 01 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Wow – I started this blog as a way to capture some small moments through 2012 and am thrilled to see that people are visiting and leaving comments!!

I was surprised and humbled today by the kindness of Cee Neuner, who awarded me the “One Lovely Blog Award”.

Cee’s Life Photography Blog is an inspiration to me and both Cee and her partner Chris have become wonderful friends even though we couldn’t live further apart.  Thanks so much for this honour Cee!!

The Award is actually lovely in itself – there are no conditions attached to it except that you pass it on to someone else as a way of showing appreciation to others for the kindness, inspiration, encouragement and friendship they bring through blogging.

Cool huh?

Here are some folks who keep amazing and uplifting blogs.  Please congratulate and visit them as I pass the honour on to them:

…A Fresh Start photographer and writer, Jan Timmons 

itinerant and indigent Aussies volunteering in Afghanistan

Cycling with SerendipityAwesome photos and travel journal of two Aussie girls who are cycling the west coast from Vancouver through South America.  Currently in Chile.  

Shine the Divinecreativity is a spiritual practice

Work of the Handthe beautiful art and skill of Bookbinding by Henry Hebert

Texture, Shape & Colorbeautiful collages by Leslie Avon Miller


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