Love is all that matters

1 05 2012

French Knot Garden: Melville Rose Farm, Bickley.

Love is all that matters.
Love defies time and space and can’t be confined or contained.
Look around.  Love is everywhere.
It is the power behind life, it is life itself.
It lasts forever.
You cannot begin to fathom how much you are loved by another.
And you will be astounded at how deep your love runs for someone.
Between school and life and work
and bills and debt and success
and illness and achievements:
Love is all that matters.

Perth City Graffiti –
“You’re the greatest thing in town, I wanna give all my loving to you, LOVE IS REAL, I feel it for you”


I’d rather be with you

18 04 2012

Swan River, East Perth: Western Australia.

I’d rather be lunching with you my love
than being stuck at my desk today.
Let’s go down to the river and lay on the grass
do you think you could get away?

Or how ’bout a quiet seat in the shade
with some cake on a little tea tray?
With fine china cups and flowery plates
we’d be like the Queen for a day.

Remember the time we hired a boat
and headed out over the bay?
Maybe we’ll go again one day my love,
if only I could get away.

Instead I’m sat here in my cubicle world
I won’t see you ’til later today
Maybe we’ll plot our escape from this trap
I don’t like to live life this way.

x x x

We’ve grown together

14 02 2012

The vine

Woven together we climb our way towards the sun
Stretching out, entangled and embracing.
With those around to anchor us, lean on and grow with
We’ve grown together, upwards and onwards,
Providing shelter and respite under our branches outstretched.

Give yourself to others

5 02 2012

Oak wine barrel

An old barrel sits quietly,
dried and faded by the sun.
It used to be full,
holding tight an essence to which
it imparted its wonderful qualities.
The precious elixir rested,
breathing slowly and soaking at peace.

The more the barrel gave up,
the more it could again take in.
Again and again allowing shelter and rest
until just the right time.

Each of us has our own inner essence
to draw on and share with those around us,
offering love, peace, patience, kindness.

In the process, may we make time to let
our essence rest, breathe and refill,
so we don’t dry out.

The Doorway is a portal

1 02 2012

Doorways are portals to another place.
A hole framed in the wall, locked, closed or open.
We cross the threshold and enter a place with its
own air, function, temperature, shape and energy.
But what of the handle? How many have turned the key?
Hands have been this way before,
Imparting their energy at this great divide.
Some come with a soft and quiet touch,
turning the knob silently and sneaking in without a creak.
Others struggle through, juggling shopping, keys and mail.
Some have stormed outside flinging the door shut with a clap.
Hands have been this way before.
Bringing good news and bad.
Knocking with a common rhythm, known to many,
quiet finger raps or large pounding fists.
Returning from a trip or welcoming long lost friends.
The hand on the doorknob ends the evening
waiting for that first kiss.
A portal to another place.

I wish that I had thicker skin

21 01 2012


I wish that I had thicker skin
that didn’t let your barbs go in.
I’d sooner have big warts galore
like a leathery old dinosaur.

But if had a tougher hide
would you really be less snide?
Or would I just ignore the blow
and take whatever punch you throw.

Instead my skin is made of crepe
and every word just seems to scrape.
I wonder if a tougher hide
would make me strong or weak inside.

I choose to keep my thinning skin
preserve my feeling heart within.
It beats and feels and loves so strong
and knows deep down your words are wrong.

Stay on track

16 01 2012

Tracks provide a well worn route. Photo (c) Akrotiri

I’m back to work from a time of grief
Click, clack just stay on track.
Still in a state of disbelief
Click, clack, just stay on track.
No need to steer, just control the pace,
Click, clack, stay on track.
But it might still be written all over my face
Click, clack stay on track
Someone upstairs will steer the way
Click, clack stay on track
And I can sit back and go numb for a day

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