Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

8 01 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

The Moongate is a circular opening in a garden wall and is a significant structure in a Chinese Garden.  This Moongate is part of the Chinese Garden at the Charles Darwin University in Darwin, the Northern Territory of Australia.


It’s great timing to start the New Year with a circle.  Chinese gardens were designed as sacred spaces where people could retreat, block out the daily grind and turn back to nature.  Spending time in nature is always a way I find my way back to me.  By stepping through a circle to enter, it reminds us of the circular nature of the universe, each thing and each one of us starting and ending, entering and leaving, leaving and returning and “coming full circle” through the circle of life.  Blessings to you for the year ahead.




2 responses

8 01 2016

Yay you’re back!

9 01 2016
Chris Donner

Good to see you back. Cee and I have switched our blogs. I see you found my journaling one. Cee is starting to teach photographic composition. Hope all is well with you. I tried to follow on Facebook but still don’t have that down to an art yet.

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