Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood

9 03 2013

We recently moved to Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia.  It’s pretty isolated and has as population of only about 120, 000.  Here are a few shots from my usual day.  A journey in to work is relatively easy as the traffic “jam” here is like a quiet Sunday drive in my former city.  The weather is overcast at present – it is the monsoon season so it is very humid with afternoon rain storms that dump rain and relieve the sticky heat.

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9 03 2013

amazing shots louise!! that is a big grasshopper, and if that was not startling enough the headline would turn people away … but there are some intrepid souls in that cruise liner … don’t they give you the creeps in their airconditioned cabins? your photos really tell a story about darwin, well done 🙂

9 03 2013

Yes the grasshoppers are big and fat and they WHIRRRRR when they fly off! Oh, I’ve been really surprised at the number of cruise ships that call in to Darwin, we must have had half a dozen this year. The headlines in the NT News are amazing, but true. This one related to a nasty head-butting incident. People don’t realise just how fast a croc can move. They look heavy and clumsy on land but can whip around in an instant.

9 03 2013
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9 03 2013
Evolution of X

I love your choice of photos. That’s one awesome grasshopper. And the headline and the dramatic sea and sky behind the cruise ship. Looks like Darwin has a character all its own.

10 03 2013
Coral Swan

Those temperatures look pretty good to me right now… coming out of snow! Fond memories for me of visiting Darwin, so I enjoy your perspective of living there.

10 03 2013

Hi Coral,
yes the temperature is pretty constant – I reckon the weather guy has the easiest job in town!!!

10 03 2013
Cee Neuner

I adore your headlines!!! Great photos!

10 03 2013

Thanks Cee. The headlines have been a bit tame lately, but this was a good one!

11 03 2013
Heart To Harp

Great insight into to your new home. Yikes, what a grasshopper! We had an alligator bite off the arm of a golfer who reached into a coastal pond to find his lost golf ball. Duh!

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