Same place, different day

29 01 2013

I’m in a new space, literally and figuratively.  I have a new job in a different city, a new workplace and office and I’m making a new routine.  I take time out each day to step away from my desk, go outside and breathe in some fresh air.  It’s an important part of my day.

As a newcomer to the Territory, I marvel at my new surroundings even though blank faces stare back at me – over time the familiar has become invisible.  I decided to take a photo at the same time each day as a reminder that every day is precious and different and offers us a new beginning.

Here is a slideshow from my first fortnight at work – ten photos from the same spot at the same time each day (2pm).

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29 01 2013
weavers journaler

I am so encouraged by your courage, your bravery in taking your self to that new place, and establishing the new routines in your life. Thank you. I am grateful for your willingness to share the journey, and especially enjoyed these pictures

29 01 2013

Thank you Cilla, it’s quite a ride!!! 🙂

30 01 2013
Lucid Gypsy

Well I’d say that’s a very good move if this is your lunchtime view!

30 01 2013
Cee Neuner

Congrats on getting a job!!! You guys are going to have so much fun exploring your new area!!! Great photos of the changing weather!!

30 01 2013

Good idea, the sky is ever changing and always beautiful in all its moods. Have you had many thunder storms yet?

30 01 2013

Only a few but they are terrifically loud and spectacular once you understand that it is not Armageddon. The monsoon is late this year apparently.

30 01 2013

I think I would be under the bed :0 But had a friend lived up there and she said she loved the wet season best

31 01 2013

what an extraordinary collection of photos louise, you are showing us how precious and individual each day is, thank you 🙂 hope the monsoon has arrived properly and the rains have begun …

10 02 2013

That is a really nice idea. Seeing that each day is different and new. I enjoyed it thanks 🙂

16 02 2013
Heart To Harp

I love the idea and the photos. May your new place never become so familiar that you no longer notice the beauty!

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