Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

28 01 2013

No one has loved me as purely and unconditionally as my dogs. They were always so completely happy to see me, no matter how long I’d been away, or what mood I’d been in when I left.  We farewelled Jasper in March 2012 and sadly today, we had to say our goodbyes to our beloved Gilly.

Rest in Peace my beloved friends.

Rest in Peace my beloved friends.

Eternally missed – eternally loved.
Beauty and Elegance, Love and Devotion




19 responses

28 01 2013

A sad farewell to a beautiful boy and the love of our lives. His golden eyes and coat invited you to pick him up and stroke him whilst he looked lovingly into your eyes.

These two beautiful souls were the most perfect companions you could ever wish for.

Run and play in peace eternally

28 01 2013

They are both so beautiful. I said goodbye to my little dog last year, but she as will your doggies, live in your hear forever…

28 01 2013

Sorry for the loss of your beloved friends.

28 01 2013

What a lovely portrait….those eyes!! So sorry for your loss.Louise

28 01 2013

Sending you hugs in memory of these two beautiful dogs. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous photo and tribute.

28 01 2013
Lucid Gypsy

Such pretty, pretty friends. I am so sorry Louise.

28 01 2013

A nice tribute and a sad farewell to faithful friends….

29 01 2013
Lynne Ayers

What a stunning portrait to have in remembrance of loyal friends and confidantes.

29 01 2013
Jo Bryant

i am sorry for your loss…what a terrific shot and you have really captured something special in them. For all the pain we experience when we lose the beloved family members…I wouldn’t trade all the joy that they bring.

29 01 2013

i agree with jo, so very sad to lose them, but years of joy and love they gave you will never fade … you have taken an extraordinary portrait of them louise … much love, christine

29 01 2013
weavers journaler

Sad news, and another change to endure. Your lovely photo will keep the memories alive.

29 01 2013

Beautiful photo. There is nothing like the love of our dogs. They bring such joy into our lives! Many blessings to you, and big hugs. I know how much you will miss them.

29 01 2013

Beautifully captured.

30 01 2013
Heart To Harp

I am so sorry that you lost your devoted friends. I believe that dogs are put on this earth to teach us what love is. I hope that memories of their love will help your heart heal.

10 02 2013
Po' Girl Shines

Sad. I lost my rescued Akita in 2011. Such a good boy who was so sad when I got him in 09, before he got sick he was acting like a happy puppy! Love can do amazing things and we both needed each other. God bless!

11 02 2013
Anna Marie

A beautiful portrait – dogs have such away of moving into our hearts don’t they?

23 02 2013
BCIJo (aka Joanne Edith)

You have two beautiful loved ones to remember….And such a lovely portrait.

We lost Shadow,our 13 yr. old Shetland Sheepdog, in Jan. 2012. One never gets over such a loss. Its been a year and i still cant talk anout it without a tear drop or two.

But in April we welcomed a Cavelier King Charles pup-Bandit – into our home. He is our first non-Sheltie, and our first male. He is a snuggler and such a joy. We’ve been blessed to have these special creatures of God in our lives.

23 02 2013

A lovely tribute to you beloved dogs. Sorry for your loss. I know you miss them

23 03 2013


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