New beginnings

23 01 2013

We farewelled 2012 from our new hometown – Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia.  The sun set on 31 December 2012 as we walked along the Dripstone Cliffs at Brinkin.  The setting of the sun closed the year that had brought such tumultuous changes to our lives.

Dripstone Cliffs: Brinkin, Darwin.  Northern Territory of Australia.

Dripstone Cliffs: Brinkin, Darwin. Northern Territory of Australia.

One of the main things we’ve learned through 2012 has been the importance and extraordinary power of the moment. We’ve become more aware of each moment in time: what it brings, what it offers and how we can respond to it. We’ve been less focussed on the future, because we are painfully aware that the future might not come. We’ve become less focussed on the past because nothing we do now can alter it. We’ve held our plans loosely, allowing ourselves the flexibility to change.  Disappointment tends to happen when we harden our plans into fixed ideas.  The more rigid they are, the more tendency to shatter rather than to ‘give’ or bend.  We tend to set a course now, pick a well defined point on the horizon and steadily work towards it rather than map out each step along the way.  There is still a bit of that, but we’re more willing to let our steps meander a bit, as long as we’re still moving towards our goal.  I’m glad we’re taking this through to 2013 and I know it will serve us well.  The challenge will be to keep this in our hearts and minds and not be distracted by things around us which may steal away our present moments and lull us back into the everyday rat race.

The sun sets on 2012:  Brinkin, Darwin: Northern Territory.

The sun sets on 2012: Brinkin, Darwin: Northern Territory.




11 responses

23 01 2013

such an expansive feeling in those photographs louise, your new way of living 🙂

23 01 2013

Thanks for that, what a great gift – you’re spot on!! Life IS much bigger and definitely more expansive.

23 01 2013

What a wonderful and encouraging testimony. I just finished reading Matthew 6 where Jesus talks of living in the present. There are so many reasons to give our full attention to this very moment. Thank you for sharing. Love the photos too.

23 01 2013

I wish you a happy time in Darwin with its proximity to nature and where watching the sunset is a hobby for so many people. Hold fast to your distant point, with meandering mid-points…it’s all too easy to relapse.

23 01 2013

Yes, the relapse is hard to avoid and made difficult at this time because we’re in limbo between our old ways and our not-yet-established life. I can’t go backwards now though, it’s hard to un-know something that has captured me. Thanks for your good wishes about Darwin, it is an interesting place to be.

24 01 2013

It can be challenging as well, so perseverance is needed. We very nearly got a number plate w8d2c.

23 01 2013
Heart To Harp

Beautiful photos and a lovely way to explore the paths life gives us. I really like the notion of holding plans loosely, and avoiding the hardening into fixed ideas. I am going to borrow that for my own thoughts of how I want to live this year. thank you!

24 01 2013

You’re welcome. It’s easier said than done. 🙂

24 01 2013
Lynne Ayers

Beautiful shots of beautiful country. I wish you well on your way.

24 01 2013

Thanks Lynne – it’s quite an adventure.

25 01 2013

A beautiful and evocative photo. Wishing you all the very best in the year ahead 🙂

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