Vietnam Veterans’ Day 2012

20 08 2012

Pocketbook - Vietnam

August 18th commemorates the Battle of Long Tan and has now been adopted by all veterans as Vietnam Veterans’ Day in Australia.

The Battle of Long Tan was fought in 1962 and saw an 108 man Australian battalion (Delta Coy) clash with more than two thousand Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops in South Vietnam.  The Australians prevailed, but lost 18 men.  It was the largest loss of life in one operation since Australia’s involvement began and is often seen as the defining moment of Australia’s involvement in the war.

Sixty thousand Australians served in Vietnam.  Countless people at home and abroad continue to feel the ricochet of that war today.

2012 is a year for even deeper reflection as it marks 50 years since the deployment of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (known as “the team”) arriving in South Vietnam on 3rd August 1962. It is also 40 years since our main forces cam home.

Field Book – Pte Peter Mansell – 7 RAR (1970)

On this day here at home, and right around the world, Australians gather to remember.  Above all, we honour those who gave their lives in Vietnam, and whose sacrifice in Australia’s name will never be forgotten.  It is not to glorify war but to remember the comradeship, support, courage and sacrifice of those around the world who fought, those who supported them, those who died and those who still feel the loss today.

Vietnam Service Medals

Lest we forget




4 responses

20 08 2012
Lynne Ayers

A terrible war that defined a generation. We do need to bear witness.

21 08 2012

My recent visit to the Australian War Memorial was an eye opener to how tough it can be for our soldiers.

22 08 2012

Indeed – and for those who love and support them. War has a deep and far reaching affect on so many lives.

1 01 2013
Chris Donner

It’s interesting to see another nation’s perspective on the war. In America it was a defining even for my generation. I served in the US Army during Vietnam and it is only in the last few years that I am coming to terms with it.

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