Share Your World – 26

4 06 2012

Cee is a good friend of mine and she has set up this weekly challenge to “Share Your World” by asking us all to answer some questions about life, the universe and everything!

Click here to visit Share Your World – by Cee

Here are this week’s questions and my answers! And don’t forget to visit Cee’s blog if you’d like to find out how you can be involved.

1. What made you smile today?

I needed to go out for a couple of things from the shop and as I drove through my local neighbourhood I saw about a dozen shiny Hot Rods taking a drive out to the hills.  They looked great and seemed to be enjoying a clear winter’s day.  (I liked the red one best!)

2. Do you have any hidden talents?

Not really.  I think my talents are out there and people see the things I do.  There are things I enjoy that I haven’t done for a while so that might seem to be a hidden talent when it comes out again – things like cake decorating or bricklaying (strangely enough, it is the same set of skills on a different scale…)

3. Are you usually late, early or right on time?

It depends.  Generally, I strive (and prefer) to be a little early or close to right on time, because I hate feeling rushed and running late – unless it is to a party, then I prefer to arrive late and leave early.

4. What is the difference  between being alive and truly living?

To me the difference is being open and deliberately aware.  When I’m aware of the moment, I’m truly living, despite what is going on and what I’m feeling or doing.  Awareness and connection to my own body and the world around me means I’m truly living, even when it is not something pleasant, like pain or grief (but that’s real life!!).  There are so many things I do on ‘autopilot’ like driving to work, or taking a shower.  I can do them without even thinking, without even taking any notice of what is going on in me or around me because I’m thinking or dwelling on something else.  Even though I’m alive, I’m not truly living at that point.  I’m not experiencing anything other than a figment of my thoughts or imagination – reliving some moment that happened or worrying about something in the future.  When I truly live, I can actually feel my heart beat and know that I’m present, connected and here – fully and truly living with whatever is happening, now.

thanks Cee!!




2 responses

5 06 2012
Cee Neuner

Oh Louise, thanks so much for sharing. I love how you described the last question. When we are truly living, even the painful or unpleasant feelings are worth living. You are blessed my friend. Loved your answers!!!

5 06 2012
Barefoot Baroness

I am with Cee Louise, the last answer- You put so much thought into it and I have to say I agree being mindful of the connection between what is going on around us and our self is where its at. How can we possibly be truly living on auto-pilot? Really good. I like the way many of us are responding with the similar answe,r but in different words. Interesting.

I enjoyed reading your answers.

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