The Art of Australian Football

30 05 2012

On a trip to Melbourne last year, we toured the magnificent Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which is also home to the Australian Football League (AFL).  Even though we’re well into the winter AFL season, I’m not crazy about the game and in recent years the off-field dramas have seemed to overshadow the game itself.

The MCG is a fantastic stadium and deserves its title as the Home of Sport in Australia.  It was the main stadium for the Olympic Games in 1956 and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.  With major upgrades and the inclusion of the National Sports Museum, it is now a tourist attraction in itself, even when no sport is being played.

The picture below shows the differences between the shapes and sizes of three game balls.

Compare: Rugby / Australian Football / American Football

One of the foyer exhibits really caught my eye.  It is a stroke of genius and displays the art of football.  The Australian Football is made up of a leather skin, an internal bladder filled with air and leather laces to join the opening.  These three components make up the wonderful wall sculpture in the foyer of the MCG.

Sculpture: Football Pieces: (from centre out) Skin, Bladder, Laces

I’d love to go back and see a game some day.  The ground holds 100,000 and I can imagine that the goose-bumps would rise as the crowd cheers the teams onto the field.  I think I’ll put that on the Bucket List…

MCG: Foyer Sculpture – Footballs deconstructed




5 responses

30 05 2012

the only interesting football, love how they jump and kick 🙂

30 05 2012

I discovered this kind of sport just in Bali. It’s so funny! eheheh
Good art..

31 05 2012

Thank you for your wonderful blog. Congratulations; I have just nominated you for the Sunshine Award. For instructions, please visit:

3 06 2012
Heart To Harp

The wall sculpture has such wonderful textures and patterns of light. You got great shots of it.

3 06 2012

Thanks! I thought this sculpture was really clever in its design and use of the ball and the size of it is impressive. This is in a void so it is also visible from the third floor and from that angle they look like furry spiders!

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