Giving yourself a break today

23 05 2012

This is from Karl Duffy at Mindfulbalance, a blog I visit regularly for some wisdom and balance. This entry really captured me this week as I’m feeling the growing pace at work. Projects are starting to take shape, priorities shift, deadlines close in and I have to juggle too much information in my head. I need to slow down, consciously. I need to remember that I’m more important, my health is more important and my wellbeing is more important than my work. It’s okay to be kind to myself and take some time to stop, breathe and rest my mind. Phew.


If you’re like me, so much of what we twirl around with in the mind is, frankly, a waste of time. It doesn’t solve a problem, prevent a bad thing from happening, or bring us to peace with others. And it’s deeply unnatural. As we evolved, our ancestors probably experienced more physical but less mental fatigue than most people today in the developed nations. Consequently, our bodies are adapted to weariness – but our minds are not. For a brief time – finals week, an intense month at work, a demanding year with a new baby – OK, sometimes we just have to crank the mind up into overdrive and tough it out. But as a way of life, it’s nuts.

We have to take a stand against the crazy mental busyness that has become the new normal. We’re bombarded with things to think about all day long, flooded with…

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5 responses

23 05 2012

Amen. I am lucky, my work is all about going slow… but time in my spare time is challenging. I will take a breath and thank you for the reminder.

23 05 2012
Balsillie & Associates

Always good to take a break

23 05 2012

Thanks for re-blogging this. Two of my favorite bloggers in the same post 🙂

24 05 2012
Gilly Gee

A lovely positive share Louise.

28 05 2012

Great idea!

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