The restaurant made of straw

11 05 2012

Yes, seriously!!  In the sterile concrete and glass jungle (which is Perth city) a green building has emerged housing a fantastic bar and cafe inside its insulated straw walls. The exterior is clad in potted plants and I just had to go check it out.

The Greenhouse – Perth city

Designed by Joost Bakker and aptly named “The Greenhouse it is a small establishment on St George’s Terrace, in the heart of Perth’s CBD. I was impressed to see so many bikes and scooters out the front but quickly decided it was all very gimmicky and just another marketing ploy. That’s what happens when you work in an office with no window – cynicism wafts through the air-conditioning.

It turns out I was mistaken and it has some great features including worm farms for organic waste, a rooftop garden for herbs and veges (with run-off watering the exterior walls), furniture made from old road signs and wooden palettes. The exterior is clad with corrugated iron and mesh which houses a vertical garden of 4000 terracotta pots filled with ivy and strawberry plants.

Ivy and strawberry plants clad the outside

I had to concede that it was a great place to be and a sustainable building really does bring life as well as yuppies!  Our city (and cubicle office life) is such a harsh place that I have to admit The Greenhouse does offer a little oasis and touchpoint back to the natural world during my lunchtime walk.

Oh, and the coffee is great too.

Wow, fancy me mentioning the coffee second. It must be a good place… LOL.




12 responses

11 05 2012

Sounds wonderful! Are passersby allowed to pick the strawberries? 🙂

13 05 2012

I guess so! I’m going to go back again and see how it comes along.

12 05 2012
Gilly Gee

So is the inside normal plastered walls etc?

13 05 2012

Gilly, the structural frame is steel, the walls and ceiling contain 420 bales of hay which are then clad in plywood to form solid walls. The bales effectively provide cavity insulation for the structure.

12 05 2012
The Wanderlust Gene

I’m with your first impression – How’re those strawberries going to be able to hold their own against Ivy, in the long run?

13 05 2012

I think the ivy is bound to win out. I’ll go back and check soon.

13 05 2012
The Wanderlust Gene

By the time you have a frost or two, I think the poor strawberries will be a distant second:)

12 05 2012

You need more pics for the straw walls. Hehe. Sorry. The nature-friendliness still made me read the whole thing though. Sounds so interesting, and is always good to know stuff like that.

12 05 2012

Wow, I want to know more! If they will let you take photos inside – I would love to see them.

14 05 2012

Very interesting!

21 05 2012

Pretty cool! 😉

22 05 2012

I actually saw it yesterday on my way to a meeting uptown. The walls are growing well so I must go take some updated pics!

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