Autumn Solstice 2012

27 03 2012

I stood on the front verandah a few nights ago and captured the last of the summer sun. As we view the Perth city skyline from our verandah, the buildings in the centre of the shot act as our own personal sundial and calendar. On March 20-22 each year, the sun sets directly behind the city as it makes its way from left to right, across the horizon, changing seasons and reminding us we’re on a planet that is always moving in time, even though we are standing still.

Autumn Solstice - Perth, Western Australia (c)thesacredcave

We face due West (South to the left, North to the right) so the sun has been marching its way from the South (left) towards the city in the centre. When we moved here seven years ago, we were amazed to see just how much the sun moves across the horizon. We’d never been consciously aware of it before. We’ve watched it over the years and in our own minds, we know that once the sun sinks behind the city, the weather will start to cool and the sun will slink over to the very right of this shot where it will remain at a lower angle through winter, before skipping back to announce the start of spring.

Nature and its rhythms are so amazingly reliable. They don’t care about the stock market, petrol prices or the Kardashians. Events like the wonder of the Solstice make me want for a simpler life. My lifestyle is full of electricity, gadgets, plastic and computers yet I feel a deep desire to be more connected. I need to be more in tune with (and responsive to) the natural cycles and seasons of the earth. I’m sure that must be a good thing.




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27 03 2012

It seems strange to read about the Autumn Solstice (Equinox?) when here we have just had the Spring Equinox – a reminder that the world is round and things are different when you are upside down – is that us or you?

28 03 2012

I know, it really does seem strange. I’m reading posts from people eagerly awaiting spring, while we’re getting ready to batten down the hatches. Amazing planet. šŸ™‚

27 03 2012

I just had a side trip to someplace where they observe the sky, sun, moon and stars. The place is sitting on top of a mountain overlooking LA city. When you are in these places and you see the sun appearing to be so big and scattered all over the place, it really makes you wonder.

28 03 2012

Hey that sounds great, yes it certainly does make you wonder and marvel at the universe

27 03 2012
Lynne Ayers

Two things struck me – Fall solstice? But yes of course, in Perth. But even more, when you said despite all our gadets you need to feel more connected … that ‘connected’ with me immediately.

I also was never aware of just how much the sun moves across our sky as we move from season to season … until living in the country where evening sunsets provide us with proof every evening – in the height of summer we view them from the back deck, but in winter we need to view from the front yard to see anything at all.

28 03 2012

Part of that feeling for me comes because our summer has been inhospitable. We had a long run of temps over 100F which scorches and bites badly, so much of our time was spent indoors. I get a bit stir crazy when I feel so confined and seperated from fresh air!! It has been strange for me over that time to see so many posts from my Northern blog friends who post pictures of snow!! So weird to think the extremes are happening at the same time. So now, we’re really loving a break in the weather so we can get outside and enjoy nature and re-connect. Thanks Lynne

28 03 2012

I feel that way too! A return to the uncomplicated life of my childhood! My grand kids will never know a life like that!

28 03 2012

Yes, a life less cluttered and stressful would be nice. Thanks Madhu.

28 03 2012
Gilly Gee

It threw me for a minute – autumn solstice, it is so strange to me to have autumn early in the year when spring is about beginings!

28 03 2012

Haha – I know, it really does jar a bit doesn’t it? I’m reading posts about “spring cleaning” etc while our weather is cooling and the sun is getting up later and going down earlier in preparation for our colder months. I think I notice the jarring of climate the most around Christmas because many of our traditions and decorations involve snow (dashing through the snow….) even though we’re sweltering at that time. It really doesn’t feel right to sweat at Christmas and eat cold meat and salad, but that’s what we do.

28 03 2012

Happy Autumn to you! Beautiful, warm photo! I remember visiting Australia during it’s winter, while it was summer where I live. It was interesting to pack my winter coat in the middle of our summer, but I sure enjoyed Australia!

29 03 2012

glad to see you gave the northern hemisphere people something to think about! it is a wonderful thing to watch the sun moving across the horizon throughout the year, passive solar architecture is based on that journey … on about 19th october the sun becomes high enough to be shaded from our north facing house by the eaves, but at this time of year it begins creeping across the tiles again, until winter solstice when the whole of the tiled family area is basking in sunshine, heating the floor, so that when visitors come they ask “but where is your heating?”… and of course we have a slow combustion stove too, in case of wet cloudy weather.

29 03 2012

That sounds lovely! Thermal mass works well for us but not as good as that!

4 04 2012
Chris Alice Donner

We had a power failure the other night during one of our many rain storms. Even though I know we have a house full of computerized gadgets with their little LEDs and electronic displays, I didn’t realize how much light they threw all night long (and how much power they must consume just to let us know that they are on). It was so black in the bedroom, and so silent. Then the electricity came back on and I listened to the chorus of beeps and whirs as everything booted back up again. Sigh. I liked it so much better in the stillness. But I don’t want to give up my dear friends who are so far away by going off the grid. I’m too old to have to kayak that far. The internet is an easier way to keep in touch. LOL

8 10 2012

One of the joys of going bush and camping is the escape to country and feeling more in touch with the world. Going without too many bits and pieces is the challenge.We get a fair bit of practice at being off the grid and living by candlelight in the Wet season.

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