Perth Alley Art – II

11 03 2012

If you missed Part I of this post – click here.

I’m still wandering the laneways and alleys in Perth city and collecting pieces of street art. There is a growing appreciation and recognition of “artists” of this genre which is fantastic because their work is extraordinary in size and scale. Some are now commissioned (when identified) to hold Exhibitions or work with youth on redeveloping Skate Parks and youth spaces.

Many urban and street artists have struggled for recognition, relegated to being misunderstood or labelled as ‘trouble’ or ‘vandals’. I love their work, their guts and passion. I love the fact they are so creative, innovative and driven to pour their souls out in public. Art is such a personal and vulnerable pursuit and they put it right out there for us all to see.
And judge.

It’s not in a private collection, foyer or gallery, but right out on the street. Genius.
Here are some more pieces I’ve found lately in Perth city.

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5 responses

11 03 2012

Awesome street art!

11 03 2012

Weezie I look forward to your daily posts thank you! I love this art work, my fave was in the last lot of the guy and girl – fabulous! It’s all fabulous but that one is my personal fave xx thanx for sharing you stimulate my brain a lot 😉

11 03 2012

There is a real mix of styles isn’t there? I love the same one too – I call it The Empty Girl. It is about six foot high! I’ll head back there soon and see what else there is. Glad you’re finding it interesting – mwa!!

12 03 2012
Northern Narratives

Amazing work.

12 03 2012

so strong and vivid, voices worth hearing, images worth recording … lucky perth!

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