A thread in the tapestry of Life

5 03 2012

Tapestry from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London - touring Perth 2012

As I’ve been reflecting on life lately, I came across this quote from Steve Brunkhorst, which puts words to my picture. Hope you like it too.

As we weave the tapestries of our lives, we gradually begin to see our designs from a wider angle of years. We may or may not be pleased with what we see. Yet, no design–not in the living world–is carved in stone. We have the gift of free will to change our designs as we wish. We are each a thread in the tapestry of our human family. Our outcome is woven of endless possibilities, because we can choose from a universe of endless possibilities. Every person can make a difference. Each thread is a possibility, chosen by the design of divine imagination. Our life-time designs arise from our divine gifts, unique talents, desires, thoughts, choices, and actions. At times, old choices–old threads–wear out. We see the past while we live in the present, and we can replace the old…with new ideas, new choices, and new actions. We can view the future through today’s eyes, and time blends all experiences, dark and light, into an awareness of authentic joy. May you live joyfully and abundantly today and throughout every season of life!!




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5 03 2012
weavers journaler

The image of life as a tapestry or weaving is one very dear to my heart so I enjoyed this quote. What I especially like about anything with texture, is that it changes according to where I am looking from, and the perspective of years can make quite a difference. Not just perspective, but my own response and flexibility affect the weave and pattern.
I guess you may already know it, and there are many versions of it, but my mother used to quote this poem to me when I was young. I see many things in my life from a different perspective now, but these old words still have a ring of authenticity for me.

My life is but a weaving between my Lord and me,
I cannot choose the colors He worketh steadily.
Oft times He weaveth sorrow, and I in foolish pride
forget He sees the upper but I the under side.
Not till the loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly,
shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why.
The dark threads are as needed in the Weaver’s skillful hand,
as threads of gold and silver in the pattern he has planned.
Benjamin Malachi Franklin (1882-1965)

Of course even as I write this, I have questions, self doubts, buts… But then ! guess they are all part of the tapestry too….!!

6 03 2012

I am so grateful for the opportunity and ability to replace the old…with new ideas, new choices, and new actions! Yes, I like this.

6 03 2012

Choices- the fundamental thing at every moment. 🙂

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

8 03 2012

Glad you like the quote Nandini – thanks for stopping by 😉

7 03 2012
Gilly Gee

Reminds me of those tapestries that women get together to stitch.

7 03 2012

I think I’d like that. So many old ‘traditions’ have been lost and we don’t have (or make) time for those types of things any more. Maybe the modern day “book club” revival serves this purpose in today’s world?

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