Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

3 03 2012

Chains distorted
Weakened bonds stretch
Rusted and thinning

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is DISTORTED.  Check out some other interpretations here:




7 responses

3 03 2012

Interesting selection… 🙂 Thanks for the pingback…

4 03 2012
Gilly Gee

I like to look closely at things that are seen as dull because they rarely are, the colours, light and shapes you have captured are stunning 🙂

4 03 2012

You totally get it. 🙂

5 03 2012

I have a thing for rusty metal. I love the textured surface and the color. And a chain is symbolic in so many ways…. Great post!

5 03 2012

I love rust too. I have lots of rust pics that look great in macro. I love the random patterns, texture and the oxides or patina that develop.

6 03 2012

Great photo. Loved the DoF. 🙂

15 04 2012
Ink. [Anette]

Nice select focus effect.

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