15 02 2012

Indulge me for a minute…
A couple of friends in Oregon love alpacas so I thought I’d treat them to some Aussie Alpacas here. Enjoy!!

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4 responses

16 02 2012
Chris Alice Donner

I love them! And they don’t spit or kick like llamas do. Alpacas will just leave before fighting. And they are so curious. Even more so than cats, I think. They have to listen in on every conversation. They are one of my favorite animals. Thanks, Louise! Give Rell a hug for us.

16 02 2012
Cee Neuner

Hi Louise, I love the eyes of the white one. They are so cute!!! Thanks so much for the post you made me smile big time!!!

18 02 2012

Hi Louise, thanks for your wonderful companionship through January’s River of Stones. I will continue to walk along with you.
When I got back from my holiday, was found out I had been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. I’m now passing it on to you. Go here to find out what you have to do:
If you don’t accept awards, that’s fine, I still think you are a wonderful blogger friend!
These alpacas are so cute! 🙂

24 02 2012

Oh Louise, I love alpacas! I hope to visit an alpaca farm this summer and get some shots of these cuties. Margie

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