The Doorway is a portal

1 02 2012

Doorways are portals to another place.
A hole framed in the wall, locked, closed or open.
We cross the threshold and enter a place with its
own air, function, temperature, shape and energy.
But what of the handle? How many have turned the key?
Hands have been this way before,
Imparting their energy at this great divide.
Some come with a soft and quiet touch,
turning the knob silently and sneaking in without a creak.
Others struggle through, juggling shopping, keys and mail.
Some have stormed outside flinging the door shut with a clap.
Hands have been this way before.
Bringing good news and bad.
Knocking with a common rhythm, known to many,
quiet finger raps or large pounding fists.
Returning from a trip or welcoming long lost friends.
The hand on the doorknob ends the evening
waiting for that first kiss.
A portal to another place.




7 responses

1 02 2012

What a lovely, compelling premise for a blog!

I love that wonderful doorknob! Terrific photo.

2 02 2012

Hi and thanks Mary! Although I’m in West Australia I have friends who moved back to Charlotte, NC. Small world huh? Thanks for the visit.

1 02 2012
Laura Hegfield

So beautiful!!! I mentioned your blog and the award you offered me on my post today.

2 02 2012

Thanks Laura, that’s great!

2 02 2012
weavers journaler

And a beautiful doorknob!

2 02 2012
Gilly Gee

Lovely words, imagery and image!

2 02 2012

evocative imagery
thoughtful words

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