One Lovely Blog Award

20 01 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Wow – I started this blog as a way to capture some small moments through 2012 and am thrilled to see that people are visiting and leaving comments!!

I was surprised and humbled today by the kindness of Cee Neuner, who awarded me the “One Lovely Blog Award”.

Cee’s Life Photography Blog is an inspiration to me and both Cee and her partner Chris have become wonderful friends even though we couldn’t live further apart.  Thanks so much for this honour Cee!!

The Award is actually lovely in itself – there are no conditions attached to it except that you pass it on to someone else as a way of showing appreciation to others for the kindness, inspiration, encouragement and friendship they bring through blogging.

Cool huh?

Here are some folks who keep amazing and uplifting blogs.  Please congratulate and visit them as I pass the honour on to them:

…A Fresh Start photographer and writer, Jan Timmons 

itinerant and indigent Aussies volunteering in Afghanistan

Cycling with SerendipityAwesome photos and travel journal of two Aussie girls who are cycling the west coast from Vancouver through South America.  Currently in Chile.  

Shine the Divinecreativity is a spiritual practice

Work of the Handthe beautiful art and skill of Bookbinding by Henry Hebert

Texture, Shape & Colorbeautiful collages by Leslie Avon Miller





5 responses

21 01 2012
Cee Neuner

Congrats my friend!!! I didn’t know Jan had a blog. How cool!

21 01 2012

Yes, a couple of blogs. The other is “Through One Eye”.

21 01 2012
Laura Hegfield

Thank you so much I am deeply honored:-)

21 01 2012
Laura Hegfield

…and pleased to be in such lovely company:-)

21 01 2012

You’re welcome! 😉

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