Stay on track

16 01 2012

Tracks provide a well worn route. Photo (c) Akrotiri

I’m back to work from a time of grief
Click, clack just stay on track.
Still in a state of disbelief
Click, clack, just stay on track.
No need to steer, just control the pace,
Click, clack, stay on track.
But it might still be written all over my face
Click, clack stay on track
Someone upstairs will steer the way
Click, clack stay on track
And I can sit back and go numb for a day




11 responses

17 01 2012

Sending a warm blessing … maybe a sweet dog to Plonk right down next to you. ( I love that word!!!) And even if you come off the track for a bit know that there are gentle prayers being sent your way. xo teri

17 01 2012
Chris Alice Donner

Thank you for putting a subscription widget on your blog. I’m glad to start getting notices so I don’t forget to check in every day. Your writing is magnificent. Stellar. I’m so glad we’ve come into each others’ lives and I look forward to the day when we get to meet in person. As always, hugs and blessings! Love to Narelle!

17 01 2012

Having spent much time on this track I send warm wishes for a not too bumpy journey, writing will certainly help smooth the way. A lovely post.

17 01 2012

The music of your refrain is melancholy as are your words. I hope that you can stay on track until you feel free to roam once again.

17 01 2012
Cee Neuner

I love your photo… words are so true. Much love to you both!

17 01 2012
J Cosmo Newbery

Nicely written.

Grief is a very personal thing; there are no rules or ‘usually’s. It will ambush you when you least expect it. Accept that.

17 01 2012

I love the rhythm of this verse. Hope life getsback on track for you soon.

17 01 2012

Thank you all for your kind words and blessings. Writing certainly does help explore the mess of grief. Today is a better day and we’re taking it as it comes. Although painful, it has brought the gift of really living and appreciating the moment, for which I’m very thankful. I’m touched that my personal mumblings are being echoed around the world – thank you for stopping by and leaving a message. šŸ˜‰

18 01 2012
Gemma Wiseman

Something soothing in the sound of a train travelling the rails! Love how you incorporate the rhythm of that sound into your thoughts, endeavouring to calm them!

20 01 2012

thanks Gemma

18 01 2012

A very powerful stone! Thanks for sharing how you feel.

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