Despite the scars

15 01 2012

Eucalyptus. photo copyright – courtesy of Akrotiri

Skin bruised with mottled patches
at different stages of repair.

Grazed and scored you display
your experience for all to see.

You are beautiful, standing
strong and colourful.

The courage to be,
despite the scars.




8 responses

16 01 2012
Freya Pickard


16 01 2012

So beautiful; you describe the raw vulnerability of us all. I love the color and texture of that tree log.

16 01 2012

It stands tall outside my local library and I watch it change colour throughout the year.

16 01 2012
Gilly Goldsworthy

I love to scrunch up eucalyptus leaves and smell them!

16 01 2012

I love the smell too – I use eucalyptus oil for all sorts of things. It’s great stuff!

16 01 2012
J Cosmo Newbery

Yes, lovely regal trees, eucalypts.

16 01 2012

They are some of my favourite trees. Beautiful and graceful.

18 01 2012
Gemma Wiseman

Love the idea of having the courage to be – regardless of scars! The description may be of the eucalypt trunk, but so easily may apply to our own lives! There is beauty in inner strength!

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