014 Leafy streets

14 01 2012

Leaf - a miniature map (Photo copyright and courtesy of Akrotiri)

Travelling north west,
take a right turn off the freeway and
head towards the jagged coast.
Main roads cross into streets and
feed into culdesacs where neighbours
compete for the greenest lawn.




8 responses

14 01 2012
Gilly Goldsworthy

Very clever. Thats one that I wish I had thought of!

14 01 2012

Thanks Gilly – I’m enjoying sitting still with something at the moment. I need to keep up this practise.

14 01 2012
weavers journaler

I so love this! Especially as I have just been tracing the veins of a skeleton leaf for a textile design workshop. You have given me a whole new world of possibilities!

14 01 2012

Fantastic!! I love it that creativity sparks creativity! Can’t wait to see what comes of it. 🙂

14 01 2012

What a wonderful analogy, brilliant!

16 01 2012

Thanks Libby – glad you liked it.

15 01 2012
J Cosmo Newbery

It does look like that. Very clever.

18 01 2012
Gemma Wiseman

A creative way of showing the “wind down” of a journey to the final competition for the greenest lawn!

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