10 01 2012

Looking in

December 15, 2011 marked the sudden and unexpected passing of my beloved mother-in-law, Beth.  

I can’t begin to express in words how broken I feel today but these pictures echo the cavernous hole left in me by Beth’s departure.  I’m raw, shattered, stripped and left wandering through the rubble inside me.  

I know it gets better, I know.  I know I’ll rebuild, I will.  But not today.

Through the floor




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11 01 2012
Gilly Goldsworthy

So sad for you.

11 01 2012


Hmmm. These photos are quite powerful. What strikes me is that you felt close enough to your mother-in-law to feel this strongly about her passing. Such is not always the case.


11 01 2012

Yes Beth (Mama) was just so lovely and generous with her heart. She loved me well and I was closer to her than all but one of my relatives.

12 01 2012

Your words and images are such a beautiful and raw description of such an obviously heart wrenching loss.

12 01 2012

If I am the ‘but one’ relative, then I am prouder than I have vocabulary to articulate. Beth was an outstanding example of a true mother: nurturing, kind, supportive and enabling. Characteristics passed down to her own daughter, who I love so much.

12 01 2012

Thank you for loving me and being my ‘but one’, my lovely fairy godmother. Love you x x x

13 01 2012

I had a beloved auntie who I lost seven years ago. She left a huge hole in my life, which has never gone, though it has become easier to live with. I was moved by your words.

13 01 2012

Aww Debbie – sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely auntie, it must have been a difficult road for you. I don’t think the hole will ever go away, or be refilled. It will just change. I’d like to think it will become a glorious ruin. Thanks for stopping by.

13 01 2012

These images and words bring light to your sadness.

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