005 In an Unguarded Moment

5 01 2012

In An Unguarded Moment - Photo copyright. Used with permission of Akrotiri 2012.

The heart of the house received a few invited friends via this locked door.

I wander through freely now (like anyone can) and see remnants, signs of life and love.  Things aren’t the same.  I laugh at the irony.  The lock is broken providing ultimate access but is still the most recognisable item amongst the rubble.

Ironic too that random visitors pay more respect to the fragility of the contents now than they did when it was locked up tight.

Maybe I need to stay unlocked, let more visitors through even though my walls are missing.




2 responses

8 01 2012
Jan Timmons

I admire this on so many levels, Louise. From the selective focus of your photograph to your honest self-appraisal and step that I, too, need to take…”let more visitors through even though my walls are missing.” What a beautiful analogy and metaphor. The analogy between the hidden self and the house without walls prods me, compels me.

8 01 2012

Thanks Jan – I knew you’d ‘get’ this one. 😉

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